Do You Need Insurance When Renting a Car?

Written by Andy’s Rent-A-Car

Do you need car rental and travel insurance? This is the most common question from tourists in foreign lands looking for car rental. Damage insurance is very important, you’ll never know when you’ll get into an accident. Even a small scratch or dent can cause serious damage to your travel budget.

How do you know if you need additional coverage? Some insurance companies cover premiums on international travel coverage. Check with your agent what the coverage is and if it includes car rental damages. If you’re travelling for business or a vacation that is covered by your company, check if your employer will provide corporate insurance on rented cars. This usually depends on the company credit card car insurance. Inquire beforehand so you’ll know if there’s a need for additional insurance from the car rental company.

If you’re travelling for vacation, check with your travel insurance. Some companies have travel accident or injury and car rental damages covered. To determine if you also need third party coverage, check for auto insurance offered by your card and the auto-rental company. Compare both in prices as well as the fine print. Clarify coverage on foreign car rental, what’s the limit and which types of cars are covered. For example, some car rental in Cayman Islands can provide full coverage fees and there are also some cards that deny coverage on large van rentals.

If you’re looking for Cayman Islands car rental, most insurance services include full or deductible coverage. Car rental companies like Andys Rent-A-Car offers coverage on damages for minimal fee, either in full coverage or deductible coverage. If your card covers insurance for 9-seater vans, please provide written confirmation so you could opt-out from their van coverage fees.

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