Don’t Be Caught Unaware Renting a Car in the Cayman Islands

Written by: Andys Rent-A-Car

When you’re looking at rental cars in Grand Cayman, try to bear in mind that most of you reading this are visiting another country. If you’re not aware of special rules or customs related to transactions in a new country, they might feel frustrating and strange to you. The rental car lot is not the place you want to have an argument with an attendant, so make sure you carefully read all the fine print involved in your reservation and rental contract. Here are some common problems people can face, so you can better prepare yourself.

Payment Problems

Check to see if the Grand Cayman car hire service you’ve selected accepts your credit card, and check with your credit card company to see if there are any restrictions for using your card outside of the United States. Do the same thing with your insurance provider– double check that your insurance will cover you for a rental car, and make sure the company you’ve chosen is compatible with your insurance. Inform those companies that you plan to travel well in advance, and make sure your purchases aren’t flagged because the hold can take days to release.

When you’re checking all of these things, get the names of any associates or representatives you speak with. That way, if somebody tells you wrong and you encounter an issue, someone can be held accountable. If you can prove that you checked in advance and still had to pay extra, you might be able to get a refund or have the fee waived.

Document Your Rental and Protect Yourself

Although car rental in the Grand Cayman is usually an honest process, you should always thoroughly document your rental vehicle when you pick it up. Take pictures and, if possible, videos of the vehicle to clearly show what kind of condition it’s in when you receive it. Obviously, you should get clear images of any dents, scratches, or cracks in the vehicle, but even if you don’t notice anything, take full photos of the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle, and get close ups of the windows and windshields. When you return your vehicle, take all the same pictures a second time to show the condition you returned the vehicle in. This will prevent the rental car company from charging you for any minor problems that were already present before you took the vehicle.